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arch4 is contemporary women’s Luxury RTW, specializing in knitwear.
The brand offers its customers access to truly modern, yet effortlessly timeless luxury designs. With 2 collections a year, arch4 is poised to continue to shape and set trends of tomorrows knitwear’s which can be kept and treasured.
At the core of arch4 is the commitment creating products with distinctive signature styles. Each garment is knitted with love from the highest quality cashmere, sourced first hand with care from its own yarn house in Inner Mongolia. This means that arch4 only selects the natural premium grade yarn, and every yarn is ethical.
Quality is the brand's uppermost priority. arch4 uses a number of innovative knitting techniques and details that make the collection truly unique.
arch4 draws inspiration from architecture and the natural world, each garment has 3D textures with a delicate super soft hand feel.

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